We are typically contacted by clients who need to sell their companies. They are not always in a good condition, so we first get them ready for the sale or find an investor who is interested in buying them in spite of their bad condition with the intention of recovering them.

We are also contacted by investors with particular interest or just looking for an investment opportunity.

Our company focuses primarily on helping companies facing business problems. We offer them a wide range of advisory services as well as the option to sell their indebted companies. If the latter is the case we consequently revitalise, restructure or liquidate the given company at our expense.

We can immediately solve also the following problems in your company:

  • Problems with management and everyday functioning of a loss-making and inefficient company,
  • Problems with inefficient and loss-making subsidiariesies anywhere in the world,
  • Problems with creditors,
  • Problems with liquidation or bankruptcy procedures of the company etc.

Certainly. Confidentiality is a fundamental principle that we adhere to. We conclude a Non-Disclosure Agreement with every client. All the information you share with us remains confidential. You don’t have to worry about being open to us.

In a couple of hours after receiving your demand we contact you to find out what situation you are in or what problem you are facing and arrange our first meeting.

At the first meeting we perform an initial analysis of your busines in order to find a suitable solution for your situation. We come up with the solution either during the meeting or send it to you within a couple of hours.

Of course we can fix the place of meeting that suits you best. However, in our headquarters there are many specialists at hand whose advice could come handy during the meeting.

Online communication is no problem. Should a personal meeting be too time-consuming for you we can agree on Skype or email consultation.


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